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 High-Precision Printing Solution


Applicable For

Sports Practice
Sports Facility
Happy Sports Team

Sports Wear

Girls Swimming Underwater
Triatholon Swim
By the Swimming Pool

Swim Wear

4 Heads / 3 Heads - 190 CM Inkjet Printer

L series

AP 194 

Printing Speed 110 m2/h

F series

AP 193

Printing Speed

75 m2/h

Developed especially for high - precision textile printing.

Epson I3200 - A1 head solution

R420/600mm Heat Calendar - W2000mm

AP 2042


Pcs to Pcs with working table

Auto-Centering System

Middle-Density Sublimation Ink


Developed for AP 193 / 194


AP 1924

Transfer Paper 70/90/100 GSM

Developed for AP 193 / 194


Jumbo 10000M

200M - 300M