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LF-1290 UV Flat Printer


Ultra-high-precision and high-resolution UV flatbed machine, with optional Ricoh G5i and GEN5 nozzles, providing customers with more printing solutions, more customized printing cylindrical fixtures are optional, the highest printing accuracy is 720X2400dpi, providing fast printing, mass production, super High-precision high-end custom UV printouts. Hundreds of printing materials, create more profits for your UV personalized artwork printing UItra high precision high-end customized UV printouts. Color printing of handicrafts, color printing of badges and medals, customization of charging treasures, the printing of electrical switches, and PVC keyboards, and the printing of images and texts.

Print mode: white+color+ varnish, white + color, color + white + color
Medium height: 2-100mm (superelevation can be customized)

Print size: 1200 x900mm
Printing software:
Montex V6.0 UV or PhotoPRINT

Ink color. LED environment-friendly UV ink W+ CMYK+LC LM +varnish
Printing materials: various craft supplies, power packs, mobile phone cases, badges, Medals, signs, etc 

Dimension: L2940*W1820*H1510mm 510kg
Rated voltage: 220V/50HZ 6500W

Printheads: TOSHIBA CF3-4PL  2/3/4/5/6/7/8Heads

High-speed mode: 720X600dpi 4pass 10sqm/h 

Standard mode: 720X900dpi 6 pass 8sqm/h

High-quality mode: 720X1200dpi 8pass 5sqm/h

 Printheads: KONICA KM10241-13PL/6PL  4/5/6/7/8Heads

High-speed mode: 720X600dpi 4pass 10 sqm/h 

Standard mode: 720X900dpi 6pass 8 sqm/h

High-quality mode: 720X1200dpi 8pass 5 sqm/h

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