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UV color printer with high production rate for mobile phone shells, cosmetics, tea and wHine packaging customization


• Industrial one-piece steel frame structure, with stable mechanical performance, reliable electrical performance, and beautiful color, guarantees continuous production and printing. LEAF LF-1810 UV flatbed printer provides color printing for all kinds of mobile phone shells, lipstick, perfume, cosmetics, tea, wine, and so on. it is a space-saving UV processing and production tool with high performance for industrial production.


• UV flatbed machine with ultra-high precision and high resolution provides optional Ricoh GEN5 and GEN6 nozzles to provide customers with more printing solutions. With max printing accuracy of 720x2400dpi, it offers high-end custom UV printing solutions of fast printing, mass production, and ultra-high precision.


• Hundreds of printing materials create more profits for your UV personalized artwork printing.


• Perfume bottle printing, liquid foundation color printing, hair clip printing, cosmetic mirror printing, mascara printing, lipstick printing Tea box printing, whine printing.

Print mode: white + color + gloss oil , white + color, color + white + color
Medium height: 0-70mm (ultra-height can be customized)

Ink color: LED environmentally friendly UV ink W+CMYK + LC LM + gloss oil
Printing material: all kinds of craft supplies, power banks, mobile phone shells, badges, medals, signs, and so on 

Print size: 1800 x1000mm
Printing software:
MainTop V6.0 UV or PhotoPRINT

Device dimension: L2610XW2380XH1500mm (LxWxH), 700kg
Rated voltage: 220V/50HZ 5000W

Printheads: Ricoh G5I-3.5PL W+Color + Varnish

High-speed mode: 720X600dpi 4pass 7.5sqm/h 

Standard mode: 720X900dpi 6 pass 5.6sqm/h

High-quality mode: 720X1200dpi 8pass 3.8sqm/h

Printheads: Ricoh G5I-3.5PL W+Color + Varnish

High-speed mode: 720X600dpi 4pass 13sqm/h 

Standard mode: 720X900dpi 6 pass 8 sqm/h

High-quality mode: 720X1200dpi 8pass 6 sqm/h

 Printheads: Ricoh GEN 5- 7PL 3/4 Heads

High-speed mode: 720X600dpi 4pass 14sqm/h 

Standard mode: 720X900dpi 6pass 10sqm/h

High-quality mode: 720X1200dpi 8pass 6 sqm/h

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