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Direct To film Printer & Shaking Powder Machine

LF-570i .png


Model: LF-570i

Printhead type: Epson i3200 - A1 2 Heads

Printing width: ≤600mm

Print configuration: CMYK+WWWW

Print Media: PET film

Printing accuracy:1440/2160/2880dpi

Printing speed: 6 Pass  10 m²/h - 8 Pass  8 m²/h

Ink type: DTF Printing ink

RIP software: PhotoPrint

Color management: ICC or density curve

Operate system: Win7, Win10

Printer Dryer: Arc board heating before and after printing, front guide board heating, upper drying heating, and curing

Platform suction: Adjustable suction

Print interface: Gigabit network interface

Temperature:15 - 30ºC

Humidity: 35-65%

Take up winder and feeder: Automatic 

Power: 6.5KW

power input: 50HZ/60HZ,220V15A

Net weight: 430KG

Gross weight: Shaking powder machine:450KG

Printing machine:120kg

Machine size: 2130*1250*1216mm

Package size: 1950*1350*1124mm - 1354*614*664mm

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